An extraordinary story about the dog Redhead and her offspring!

Frost took the city by surprise ad it made anyone dance.Cold…well,cold…dog cold.

Why a dog?And,of course — a little red dog,trembling and pressing her paws,fussed in the crowd.It only looked fussed.In fact,she was solving a very important problem.It was nice to give birth to her in such a frost!We should have found a suitable place as soon as possible.This is her first pregnancy.

Soon she found an abandoned farm and there gave birth to six puppies,as red as herself.The dog’s heart filled with pride — she became a mother.
Then she felt trouble approaching,and trouble came…

At first,the puppies began to whine from the cold.The dog tried to warm them with an already trembling body.And then,one by one,they calmed down.The cold killed them.Redhead herself was already freezing,but continued to fight for the life of her last,surviving child.

And then…a miracle…Although dogs are not impressed by miracles.A caring man noticed her and his strong hands raised her with her puppy.For the first time in its life,the animal so closely felt human warmth — in every sense of the word.

The author of the text is Alexander Golovkin,owner of the shelter «Faithful Friends»(Nizhny Novgorod),t. 8,908,153 12 67
The shelter will always be happy to receive the help provided!

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