An orphaned kitten met a dog that lost puppies;now the dog is his mother…

The kitten got to an orphanage,where he began a completely new stage in his life.There was a dog in the shelter who could not accept the death of its puppies but the kitten wasn’t afraid of her,but simply came closer and began to sniff.

Jamal created an animal shelter in Syria,where were the pets who lost their family due to the war.One of the inhabitants of the shelter was the dog Amir.
More than 70 cats lived in the shelter so Jamal just installed a booth for Amir in the house to make her comfortable.

Soon Amir has puppies,but the kids,unfortunately,lived very little.The death of puppies was a real tragedy for the dog.
Once in the shelter,the kitten approached Amir and the life of both animals changed.Very soon,Amir treated the baby as her own child,and the kitten was delighted with such a caring mother.

It’s really nice to look at the relationship of an unusual couple.The dog and the cat do not step away from each other,they even eat from a common bowl.
Amir became a great mother for the kitten.

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