An unknown woman drove 800 kilometers to return the lost dog to the owner…

A puppy named Chris escaped from a house in the U.S. state of Alabama back in February.He was with a leash and was found in North Carolina in March.

How he managed to escape 800 kilometers from his house remains a mystery.Residents of the town noticed a wandering dog and took him to a shelter,where a microchip was found and employees were able to contact its owner Stacy.
However,unfortunately,she had a disability and could not take the animal herself.Then the shelter made a post on social media,telling a story and asking for help.

A woman named Holly Stahl did not remain indifferent and volunteered to help.For nine hours,she was traveling to the neighboring state to return Chris to her mistress.
Elam,the owner of the dog,says that as soon as they appeared on the doorstep,the pet immediately ran to meet him,jumping into her arms.She also admits that it was very difficult to endured the disappearance of her pet.

However,thanks to a good woman,they were reunited again.And the most interesting thing is that Chris returned just on the very day when her first meeting with the owner took place.And we will thank Holly,because nowadays so few people are ready to sacrifice comfort and time to help each other and it’s really priceless.

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