An unusual friendship between two dogs!..

A mongrel named Archie loves people.And when he was lucky enough to become a domestic,it turned out that he also loves dogs very much!However,the baby expresses his feelings in a very funny way…

The pet’s mistress has another dog,Tallula.The girl immediately realized that Archie was literally in love with his new girlfriend.And,demonstrating his affection,the dog sits right on her,pressing her weight.
Jennifer even shared photos of her dogs on social media so that everyone could laugh at Archie’s funny habit of sitting on her sister’s head.Despite the fact that there are already four dogs in the house(there are also Bruce and Annie) and chickens,the dog is ready to give all his love only to Tallula.

Archie’s girlfriend was sheltered about three years ago.The dog considers himself the queen of the world and behaves accordingly.And the dog,two-year-old cane-corso,appeared in the house when he was eight weeks old.Archie was fascinated by Tallula from the first seconds of acquaintance.

Now the couple are hardly separated.Archie loves not only to sit on his sister,but also to play with her tug of war,race and faint together,falling on each other.
The rest of the time,dogs do what they do best — they hug.

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