«Animals in bags are simply taken to the forest or to the mountains…»

8 puppies were born under the concrete slab near the 9-storey building.I found out completely by accident.When I passed by,I heard crying.The dog was small,childbirth was probably difficult.

I was feeding her alone,a lot and well.When the puppies began to get out a month later,they were fat and so sweet!I turned to the volunteers,and they said that the puppies had to put to sleep…
It’s all happening in Crimea,in the city of Alushta.I haven’t seen so many homeless animals anywhere.Puppies and kittens in bags are simply taken to the forest,to the mountains…

No one sterilizes them!True,there is a dog sterilization program,but it still doesn’t work well.
What to do with the kids,I don’t know,I live in a completely different region and will go home soon,there will be no one to feed them!People are absolutely indifferent and ruthless.

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