«Apchhi!» — a sick homeless kitten shuddered,sitting in a puddle.The sunny baby was desperate to melt the people’s hearts.

In 2017,summer began with heavy rains and thunderstorms.Everyone wanted warmth,including the animals.But the little red kitten,who sat right in the puddle,was waiting for the warming most of all.

The baby looked around in confusion,sneezing desperately.Anastasia Griboyedova heard its «apchhi» when she passed by the pet.
The girl felt so sorry for the sunny baby that she immediately took him in her arms.The baby needed help,but a lot of people just passed by…

At first,the girl thought that the baby would live with her until he recovered,and then she would find his loving owners.But soon it became clear that she was the same loving owners!

The red kitten was called Levik.The kitten turned out to be very agile — soon his paws learned to open the doors of cabinets and rooms.
Now Levik is already calm.It seems that the past is slowly forgotten,and the red cat rejoices every day surrounded by a loving family…

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