At the end of each walk,the dog runs home.There his favourite thing is waiting for him,with which he can’t part for a long time.

A dog named King lives in a new family for only two months,but the owners have already realised what the baby loves more than anything in the world!It turns out that in addition to hugs and goodies,the pet loves to sleep.

The day King first came home,he was given a small fluffy bed so that the baby could sleep in it.Since then,the pet has been literally obsessed with her!
The dog fell in love with his bed so much that he rushes to return to it every time they break up.

As son as King runs to bed,he immediately goes to bed.The dog does it every time after a walk.
While most pets like to eat more then anything else in the world,King is motivated to sleep.However,his whole family believes that the pet’s obsession with the bed looks just charming.

Does your dog like to sleep too?

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