At the graveside, a woman in tears looks up and sees a «angel».

It can often be difficult to find comfort while in the dark depths of sadness — especially while mourning the loss of a loved one.

But for grief-stricken María José Sáez Orte, comfort found her.

One day, while visiting the resting place of someone close to her who’d recently passed away, Orte was seemingly inconsolable. After she tearfully settled down at their graveside, however, a figure soon appeared to bring her solace.

It was a random dog. He’d come to offer his warm presence — and a loving paw.

“Today, I went to say goodbye to the person I loved the most … and this puppy arrived,” Orte wrote.

After posting about this interaction online, the numerous commenters described the dog as Orte’s “guardian angel” — and perhaps rightfully so. It seems, at that moment, the visit was just what Orte needed most.

Though Orte parted ways with the pup that day, he didn’t leave her mind. She decided to visit the cemetery yet again to seek him out, whereupon she learned that the dog had «guardian angels» of his own. Likely once a stray, he’s reportedly now cared for by workers there, who feed him and give him shelter.

Little else is known about the dog, sadly. But chances are, Orte wasn’t the first to be comforted by the caring pup, nor will she be the last.

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