At the moment of sadness,the girl took a lonely dog into the house and he brought her happiness.

A dog named Rusty was left without a house.Orphaned,disadvantaged…He lived alone,and then got to an orphanage located in Deming(New Mexico).

Rusty wasn’t hungry,he had toys,but the dog was very sad without the owner and home,although he did not always show it.
And at that time,a girl lived in Deming.It was very difficult time for her.Apparently,in order to somehow cheer herself up,the girl decided to take a dog from the shelter.Rusty turned out to be the dog that conquered the heart of the future mistress.

Glorious Rusty really helped the girls by pulling her out of sadness.The hostess admits that he changed her life for the better!
She says that sometimes the dog makes such eyes tat it is simply impossible to deny him anything.In such cases,Rusty usually begs for food and certainly gets some goodies!

Well,Rusty is really lucky that he has a house and loneliness is left behind!

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