At the time of departure the girl asked her boyfriend to look after her dog: this is how the doggie changed in size

A dog named Darks, owned by a girl named Charmain, is now two years old. They met on the street, then Darks was a stray, hungry and sick puppy.

Thanks to the girl’s care, the dog quickly recovered – now the pet is well-fed and satisfied. And, of course, strongly attached to his owner.

Charmain left for her mother a few months ago. She left the dog to her boyfriend named Taylor. Taylor wasn’t too interested in the rules of conduct, so it seems okay to give Darks leftovers, steaks and fast-food nuggets.

Weeks and months passed, and the man kept on feeding Darks what he liked to eat and whenever he liked.

When Charmain returned home she was amazed at how her pet changed after Taylor’s ”diet”. She posted a photo of Darks standing sadly and stuck in the section of the door. The girl signed it as “Diet Time”.

Indeed, these pictures are funny but not as important as the health of the dog.

Diet really does not hurt this pet. Of course, users appreciated the funny situation in which the plump dog was found. But for his own health, it is better to lose those extra pounds.

Otherwise, Charmain’s four-legged friend will not be able to leave the house!

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