Attentive pit bull follows her grandma to make sure she is safe and protected

Meet Lollipop – three years old pit bull that was stray when she was a pup.

Car wash workers spotted her wandering on roads, so they tied her up to make sure she would stay safe. These people loved the pup, played with her and give Lollipop food.

Once a woman named Cathy Officee stopped the car wash and asked about the dog. The workers told that they found her wandering on the roads.

The woman offered to take the pit bull home and see if she is microchipped. Lollipop’s foster family of car wash workers agreed on that.

After posting pit bull’s microchipped information to find her owners, it turned out that no one was looking for her. So Officee took her home.

She was fostering the baby girl but deep in her heart, this woman didn’t want anyone to adopt the pit bull. Fortunately, there was no one interested in her.

After spending 5 days with Lollipop, Cathy fell in love with her. She immediately adopted her.

Now the doggie is 3 years old. She loves not only Cathy but her mother too. The pit bull is very attentive to the elder woman. She is always beside her and even stands up when sees that the woman is up or is walking.

She needs to be sure that her grandma is safe. What a wonder-dog is Lollipop!

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