Baby lynx asked for help from a man and he couldn’t leave the starving cub alone

Mattew Petrie, from Quebec, Canada, enjoys mountain biking in the surrounding hills. These places have been formally civilized for a long time, but in fact, wild nature is adjacent to human objects.

Therefore, when, during his next trip, Mattew saw a big kitten among the foliage, he first thought that the beast had run away from home and got lost.

But later we learned that a careful examination of the foundling put the person in a difficult situation.

The wild kitten, with a childish naive face, was the size of a cat. A short tail, piercing ear brushes, large teeth and huge paw pads.

Even without being a specialist, Mattew recognized a small lynx in the foundling. More precisely, quite a baby lynx, and therefore prudently left him in the same place where he had found the cub.

However, the next day he could not stand it and again went to the same place – the lynx was still there, and on the third day too, only now, when the man approached, he began to cry pitifully. And Mattew’s heart could not stand it.

The Internet suggested that the lynx is much less than the norm for its age, the baby has long been orphaned, didn’t receive normal nutrition, and it is not clear how he survived at all.

Mattew contacted a wildlife rehabilitation center, where he was instructed on how to feed and care for the little lynx until they took him away.

It was out of the question to leave the nice baby for yourself and make a house cat out of him. Although Mattew admits that he had such a thought all the time. But not, for his own good.

In the rehabilitation center, the lynx will live until it gains strength, and then it will be released into the wild. Who knows, maybe one day he will meet Mattew, recognize him and thank him for his salvation?

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