Baby seal accidentally scares a tiny polar bear cub in the cutest wildlife footage

Bear cubs are one of the sweetest animals on the planet. They are tiny, fluffy balls that make clumsy moves. They like to play, make a mess and fight with their siblings.

Recently, a very funny moment was caught by a BBC filming team. What they saw they hadn’t actually expected to happen.

A sweet polar bear cub gets scared of a seal that accidentally appeared in front of him.

As you know, polar bears hunt on seals. They can passionately wait for their prey on the ice surface of a sea. When seals appear on the surface of the water every once in 30 minutes to take a breath, it’s the perfect timing for polar bears to attack them.

So in this story, the mother bear was hopefully laying on the ice, waiting for a seal to catch. Her daughter was following her and imitating her. She will definitely learn how to hunt in the future.

But her brother was in a playful mood. The little cub was making snowballs and playing with them. He didn’t care about food.

Afterward, he started wandering around until his mom would bring dinner. Then, unexpectedly a baby seal popped out of the water to breathe. The baby bear was shocked. He was so scared that fell on his back.

The mother bear was disappointed. On his first hunt, the baby bear was scared. Obviously, the cub didn’t expect such a scene.

When BBC decided to publish the video, it immediately gained 15 million views.

Aren’t they sweet?

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