Bald eagle, wild fox and house cats peacefully hanging out on a porch in Alaska

Odd friendships among animals are becoming usual through the lenses of cameras. We have seen so many pictures and videos of their love for each other.

But this friendship differs from others by the completely different species included in it – a bald eagle, wild fox and two house cats.

They live in the city of Unalaska in Alaska and meet each other at Gizmo and Suitcase’s house. The owner of the cats was obsessed to see the gang hanging out on her porch.

In Alaska, foxes and bald eagles are widespread species but they never make friends with each other.

This is quite a strange friendship that took the attention of thousands of people when Pam decided to share footage of the unusual gang hanging out on the porch together.

Days passed. The eagle and the fox continued visiting the cats. They were all very content and peaceful on the porch.

Soon, the bald eagle brought another eagle to join their secret gathering.

As Pat says, they just seat there and enjoy one another’s presence. It all started on one snowy day and continues by now.

This is one of the most unlikely friendships that we have ever heard of.

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