Bald guinea pig posing with her favorite food.

This bald guinea pig from Poland named Ludwig loves only two things most of all in her life:food and taking pictures.In his Instagram account,this amazing animal connects both of its passions.He eats,sleeps and looks just great.
His absolute favorite foods are broccoli,plums and mint leaves…

According to Ludwig’s mistress,Agatha Novak,who studies business and political science in Warsaw,he eats even more than usual during filming.
Being a model is a tedious activity.
«He likes photo shoots,and sometimes he even falls asleep,so I think he’s very comfortable,»Agatha said.»It’s funny that Ludwig can fall asleep even during a veterinarian’s appointment.He can sleep all the time.He can spend the whole day in his blue blanket on my lap.»

One-year-old Ludwig grow up in a happy family with two Yorkies and another bald guinea pig,Rachel.
But Ludwig wasn’t always so lucky.Agatha found him in a «very bad» pet store and,like many other animals that are sold in stores,he was very sick.He had pneumonia,and no one treated him.

It took about six months for his treatment,because he even had a bacterial eye infection.But now life has improved.
He enjoys stylish sweaters.
He doesn’t miss the opportunity to thank thousands of his fans on Instagram.

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