Bear in Omsk Zoo hid for three months that she became a mother of triplets

An inhabitant of the Bolsherechensky Zoo in Omsk, a bear named Masha some time ago began to behave strangely, which seriously worried the local staff. The animal stopped going out into the sun and spent most of its time in its house.

But the strangest thing was that Masha drove the male out of the house.

But recently everything has cleared up. It turned out that Masha gave birth to adorable cubs, which is why she behaved so restlessly. By the way, in the wild, male bears often eat their offspring, so the newly made mother put her father out the door.

Employees tend to think that the cubs were born in the middle of winter while the bear was in hibernation. This is typical for individuals of this species. Zookeepers suspected that she had given birth to babies, but could not be sure.

Firstly, if they tried to get into her home, they could scare the babies a lot, and secondly, Masha would also not escape stress. A frightened female bear with little cubs is one of the most dangerous animals.

In general, the employees decided to wait until the mother takes the offspring for the first walk. It happened the other day. The cubs grew up, and Masha brought them out into the fresh air for the first time. It turned out that she became a mother of 3 cubs.

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