Bear recognizes the animal center worker who took care of her as a child long years ago

In a New York center specializing in the care of wild animals, a touching meeting of the bear Sonya with the former employee of this institution took place. Jonathan courted Sonya, while she was a little bear.

But then the man changed his job and no longer appeared in the center. Sonya missed her foster dad very much and couldn’t understand his absence.

Many years later, the man came to visit his pet, which during this time turned into a huge bear. This man also couldn’t easily forget about his animal friend.

It turns out that Sonya has not forgotten the person who took care of her as a child.

All the staff who watched the meeting of two old friends could not hold back tears. It was something graceful to see how a man and a bear are sharing love after many years of separation.

Someone filmed this touching moment on video.

Now you can also admire how a big strong bear, under the influx of feelings for a person, turns into a playful, kind and sweet creature. I wish I had such an encounter with a bear. Indeed, animals are more sincere and devoted than many humans.

Watch the touching meeting here:

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