Because he doesn’t have to chase mice, Barnaby, the world’s most lazy cat, can sleep for 17 hours every day.

Did you know that cats can sleep 17 hours a day? And this is not because they are lazy – so much is required by their body. The fact is that the metabolism of this animal is quite fast, and by their nature, they are quite active.

Still, catching a fast mouse or a bird is not an easy task at all. It really takes a lot of feline strength to do this. By the way, for the same reason, they wake up at five o’clock and begin to demand food.

Barnaby the Persian cat is probably the champion for sleep, although he doesn’t need to catch mice. He just wakes up sometimes … Here is a selection of photos from a gorgeous cat who sleeps much more than others …

Barnaby and healthy sleep are one. He has no work; he lives at the full board; he is pretty spoiled. Sleep 20 hours a day? Easy! Disturbing a cat’s sleep is a sin!

Barnaby embodies the worst qualities of a gentleman. Being a selfish cat is normal!

The owners admit that Barnaby gets more than he deserves. But they love the furry and frankly pamper him.

We wish everyone the same sound sleep as Barnaby’s!

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