Before they could grow up,they ended up on the street…But kittens were noticed and handed them a heling hand!

Tala Danilevskaya’s daughter brought this little miracle home about a year ago.The girl literally saved the kitten from starvation.

Someone was already carrying a baby girl to throw in the trash,but Tala’s daughter stopped these people and took the kitten for herself…
The baby was about two weeks old,so she was fed from the whole family.The kitten was fed from a pipette,at the same time washing sour and sore eyes,and then treating them with ointment.

Now the kitty is completely healthy!She grew up and got used to the apartment.Simone will never let a stranger into the house,and in the morning she will definitely wake up each family member to work.
The family called the cat Manyushka.People coped with all the disease of the animal and now admire the gorgeous cat,which is overwhelmed with gratitude.

It’s great that the life of a little kitten turned out this way!

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