Being nine months pregnant,a woman received a big dog as a gift!

People have a quality when they do not understand the value of something,but time passes and they realize their wrongness.Exactly such feelings were experienced by a pregnant woman whose sister gave her a black Labrador dog on her birthday.

The woman did not understand the gift,but did not show her sister her feelings,but politely thanked her.The pregnant woman was tormented by different thoughts.She didn’t understand what she wold do with the dog after the baby was born.But despite doubts,she decided to keep the Labrador.

In due time,the woman gave birth to a daughter,the care of which took away all her time.As it turned out,her fears were in vain.
The animal did not interfere with the young mother at all and did not require increased attention to itself.Rather,on the contrary,the dog tried to help his young mother in everything and eventually became a real friend for her daughter.

Currently,the girl doesn’t leave her friend for a minute,sincerely believing that he will be with them for a long time.

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