Bertie the dog “adopted” kittens abandoned on the street and proved to be a caring dad

An employee of one of the animal shelters in London told an amazing and touching story. About a month ago, bystanders brought seven newborn kittens to a shelter.

They were left at the side of the road. How exactly the babies ended up there is not known for certain.

The kittens were a few days old and needed special care. They had to be fed every three hours, and in the conditions of the shelter, it was difficult to do this.

A worker named Rachel decided to take them home to feed them. The woman, along with the fluffy babies, was met by a Labrador named Bertie. Once this dog also lived in a shelter.

Bertie greeted the kittens warmly and began to look after them. While the girl was treating and feeding the orphans, the Labrador taught them to walk and take care of them with fatherly warmth.

Rachel and Bertie nursed the babies for two months. During this time they have grown, have become much stronger and more independent.

This story was shared by Rachel herself. She said that the Labrador Retriever became the best babysitter for kittens. He was affectionate with them and very patient as if they were his children.

Surrounded by love and care, the once-abandoned orphans, picked up on the side of the road, have grown into strong and healthy cats. Now their lives are not in danger.

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