Brave horse saves a mare with her little stallion from the thick of smoke in California

This horse burst into the smokescreen to get the mare and the little stallion out of there. In the entire state of California, an emergency regime was introduced for two weeks.

Rescuers were evacuating residents, about 30 thousand people were rescued. A terrible fire was raging and it seemed that there is not enough space for miracles.

However, this video with the “rescuer father” has already gained several million views.

We always notice only human troubles, but we forget that there are four-legged friends next to us, that sometimes need help even more than we do.

It is amazing to watch how animals themselves save each other in their environment and even help people. Not every person is capable of such a feat as these soft and kind creatures.

Sometimes you don’t even expect such accomplishments from animals. However, they amaze us with their behavior every day. These are the creatures we need to learn from!

They are real, sincere and always ready to help. For them, family and offspring are not just a word, but an important component of life.

Kindness and selflessness are rare these days. Terrible forest fires in the state of California made not only wild but also domestic animals flee from them.

People were doing everything possible so that the disaster would leave this territory as soon as possible.

This horse deserves some real respect, just watch this video! It will not leave anyone indifferent.

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