Broken heart:the dog Hunter was betrayed by the owners,but he thought he would never be abandoned…

Until recently,a black and white dog Hunter with an expressive look had a house and owners,thinking that it would always be like this…

But the unexpected happened,the owners of the pet decided that they no longer needed him,and brought him to the Houston Humane Society’s homeless animal center.
So the six-year-old pet turned out to be abandoned by the owners…

The owners left him there saying that they didn’t want to take care of him anymore.
No,Hunter wasn’t sick or aggressive — the owners just got a new puppy and explained that the dog didn’t get along with him.Deciding that the pet didn’t understand anything,they turned around and left.

The first person the dog met at the orphanage was a volunteer named Randy Bertolet.It was she who was believed by an abandoned pet.
Obviously,Hunter realized that after experiencing betrayal,he could still trust other people.

According to Randy,after communicating with the dog,she cried all night in her bed,thinking about how bad and lonely the abandoned Hunter is.

But then a miracle happened: many people became interested in the fate of the dog.Randy has no doubt that now the dog will find a family and bathe in the love it so deserves!

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