Budweiser Clydesdales Reunite With Puppy in Heartwarming Ad

Every once in a while, animals of different species will become friends. While the critters in movies and commercials are highly-trained, it can still happen in the wild. Budweiser chose to melt the hearts of Americans with their newest ad featuring animals.

Clydesdales are gorgeous horses that have been used in Budweiser commercials for years. This time, the stunning creatures are frolicking through fields and empty streets to reunite with their canine companion.

Many people haven’t been able to go to the bar or spend time with their friends due to quarantine. The well-known beer company shows their fans that they hope one day soon, we can all get together with our buds to enjoy a drink.

The ad starts with one majestic Clydesdale frolicking on his way to meet his best pals. Along the way, he meets up with other horses, and eventually with an adorable puppy. It’s safe to say they all enjoy each other’s company and give us hope that we’ll soon be able to reunite with our loved ones.

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