Bullmastiff was the first who know that the hostess is pregnant! When the baby was born,the dog gave him the most valuable…

Every dog knows how a dog can do it.Paws and teeth are a powerful tool in the fight against furniture,TV remote control or new Italian shoes.But we are ready to forgive all that.What’s the other way?Is it possible to be angry with them for a long time?

A bullmastiff named Brutus doesn’t mind ruining anything in the house either.His mistess,Bonnie Mikhalek,and her husband recently moved to a large house that allowed him to get a large dog.In 2016,Brutus appeared in their family.

Very soon it turned out that the dog has a special passion for toys.But he just tears them to shreds in minutes.There is one exception.Brutus did not spoil a single toy -a fluffy yellow ball.Surprisingly,the pet treats him very carefully and carries it everywhere in his mouth.It looks like the dog loves this round fluffy thing.

Brut is a faithful,kind and affectionate dog.The pet loves his mistess Bonnie more than anyone else in the world.The girl even jokingly calls him her first child:)
And she says so for a reason,because quite recently the couple had a real child — baby Kayden.The kindful Brut really loves children…
By the way,Brutus found out that the hostess is pregnant before herself!He started pressing his face against the girl’s stomach…

The meeting was very touching! Brutus sniffed the baby and wagged his tail happily!
From that moment on,the dog does not leave his new friend:)

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