Caring dog caught on camera checking on his children as they sleep at night

There is no need to say how caring and loving pets dogs are. They are specially bonded with children with whom they grow up.

But when a dog protects them all the time and guards his human children at night, it’s beyond our expectations.

The sweety furry buddy named Killian takes the understanding of dedication to a new level.

He has always been the best fan of the three children growing up in the family. He loved them even when the children were not born. Killian sat next to his owner’s belly and gently touched her belly. He would sit next to his pregnant owner for hours.

What the woman saw recently, made her once again appreciate the existence of her pet.

The security cameras filmed how in the middle of the night Killian enters the rooms of children to check up if they are safe. It turns out that this furry companion is protective always, even at night.

The scenario happens every night. As his human parents found out, Killian also watches over them, making sure his owners have sweet sleep.

Kelly – Killians human mama became speechless after what she saw. She was so thankful and warmed by the love and dedication their dog has for them.

Not only Kelly but millions of social media users were happy to find out about Killian.

This is what some dogs do for their owners out of love and loyalty.

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