Cat named Sofa fed eight hedgehogs:she became a real mother for them.

Cat named Sofa became an adoptive mother for as many as eight children,It is worth nothing that her children are special.It’s not kittens at all,it’s a hedgehog.It so happened that the hedgehog mother settled on abandoned land near Larisa’s house.

The woman had a cat named Sofa.Together with the hedgehog,they competed,who caught more mice and coexisted together.

Larisa even fed the hedgehog goat milk.Recently,Sofa gave birth to cubs.When the kids grew up a little,Larisa gave them to good people.At first,the cat survived a lot and was looking for its children everywhere.Fortunately,she didn’t have to worry for long.

The hedgehog also soon gave birth to eight hedgehogs.However,after a while,their mother disappeared.Babies would have been doomed to certain death of a miracle had not happened.She became a real mother for little hedgehogs.

The crumbs were still blind and could not eat on their own,the cat fed them and gave all its warmth and care.Sofa fed her hedgehogs with her milk,it was enough for everyone.

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