Cat saved the kid who unintentionally tried to get out through the balcony

When we hear how an animal saved a life of a human, we instantly think of a dog. These animals are smart, loyal, dedicated. They are our best companions throughout our whole life.

But this time let us be surprised by the fact that a cat was found so cautious and caring for a child that was going to fall down from a high building.

The child, who is only a little over a year old, has only recently learned to walk and is now actively learning about the world around him. He is not left without parental supervision, but sometimes misfortune can happen in a split second.

But it’s not for nothing that this family has a cat.

The child tried to grab the handrail to look outside, under the balcony, but the alert furry nanny immediately noticed a dangerous maneuver.

Please note: the cat does not release its claws when it hits the child with a paw on the hands, and simply tries to drive the baby away and does not let him hang on the handrails.

The video has already been watched by more than a million people, and all viewers enthusiastically appreciated the actions of the mustachioed. There are already several thousand laudatory comments under the publication.

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