Cat that lost its kittens replaces the mother for three orphaned babies

It seems to us that animals cannot be foster parents, but in some circumstances, they also show a maternal instinct for the offspring left without a mother. A good example is the fate of a cat named Mikey.

After a difficult pregnancy and premature birth, she lost her kittens.

Due to stress, the cat could not find peace for itself, rushed about, called its kittens, but could not find them anywhere. The owner could not stand the suffering of her pet and began to look for help in an organization in Houston for the protection of animals.

Employees of this organization quickly found a woman who was feeding three orphan kittens. In humans, they were awaited by a mixture and feeding with bottles, which many animals do not tolerate.

Why feed them artificially if a cat, so eager to be a mother, can take over their fate?

The first meeting of the orphans with their new mother went just fine. The cat immediately accepted the children as her own and began to wash them. Maternal instinct won out, and Mikey very quickly, literally the next day, had milk.

This ”co-operation” went well both for the mother cat and the orphaned kittens. What a genius idea!

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