Cat that was stealing dog food from garage met his owner after long years of separation

Survival in the wild is especially difficult for animals accustomed to domestic life. However, one giant cat, formerly domestic but now street, not only survived, it managed to maintain its weight at 9 kilograms.

In 2007, he became an internet sensation.

It turned out that he broke into a woman’s garage and stole dog food from there. And, apparently, he did this during the entire six months of being without an owner.

Finally, he got caught. He was found stuck in a dog hole through which he was dragging food. The owner of the house called a humanitarian organization to get him out of the hole and take him to a shelter.

On the left is a 9 kg Goliath, and on the right is a kitten that is much more in line with the average size.

Barbara, director of the humanitarian organization that rescued the cat, noted that it is not every day that they come across such heavy cats. It is not known why, but this story became a sensation in Portland.

Goliath’s owner saw the story on the news that evening and immediately recognized his cat. The next day, he showed up at the shelter with a photo proving that the cat was his.

When the owner arrived, the organization’s employees found out that the cat’s real name was Hercules. They also learned how he ended up homeless.

Six months earlier, the cat’s owner had gone to Canada for a major operation. During this time, Hercules ran away from the nurse who looked after him at home.

Eventually, these two reunited, and Goliath didn’t have to steal food.

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