Cat-vampire had a fatal meeting with a woman after what he didn’t leave her

Monkey is not just a cat with such a “funny” name. He sometimes makes people shocked – because he has the most real vampire fangs! A sort of hero from horror films …

The cat’s owner, Nicole Rienzi, picked him up as a small kitten – squeaking, half-blind, hungry.

They then nearly hit him with a car while driving with Nicole’s mother.

The cat was left in the family of women; they became attached to it with their hearts, and then it began – the cat began to grow fangs, which soon dropped below the lower jaw!

Nicole was frightened – but not of the vampire’s fangs, but simply for the cat’s health.

However, in the vet clinic, doctors explained to her that such a “saber-toothed” phenomenon, although rare, would not hurt the Monkey to live.

After Nicole posted a photo of her pet on the web, many people refuse to believe that this is not photoshopped.

But the owner assures: everything is real with Monkey! Indeed, the fangs are not magical wings to doubt about.

We wish Monkey good health and peaceful life with his family. He deserves lots of treats to eat with the help of his famous teeth!

Would you like to have a cat-vampire?

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