Cat wanted to steal a cat food from the store,but soon he fell asleep on the food box.

The life of stray animals isn’t easy.They are facing many difficulties while trying to get food and live one more day.Like this cat who can easily fall asleep during a very important task.

Melanie Morris-Jones from Rugby ca,e to the grocer store for food when she suddenly saw a cat sleeping peacefully on a food package.The girl did not expect her pictures to become viral,but thousands of people have already appreciated the funny robber.
Perhaps the laziest in history.

Probably,the homeless cat wandered into the store to eat,chose the right treat,but could not open it because he has paws not hands.
It turned out that the store owners are aware that they have a guest;he visits almost every day.He is fed,nothing is know about the owners of the cat.
Well,now he is a real celebrity!

While the girl was taking pictures,the cat indifferently dozed on the box,only slightly raising his muzzle,as if asking:»What do you want,woman?».
Agree that it’s hard to get angry with the laziest cat thief.We hope kind people will adopt this fluffy,and there will be no need to steal from a store.

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