Famous actor Dave Bautista adopts mistreated, chained-up puppy, offers $5,000 to find culprit
Celebrities are also big influencers. Thanks to their good deeds and charities, they bring the attention of their fans to the universal problems. And one of that problems
A good story of friendship between kitten Abizou and puppy Dante from Romania
The unusual union of a dog and a kitten was noticed by their owners from Brasov. First, they decided to get a puppy. Soon Dante came home and
La femme n’a pas fermé sa porte arrière pendant la tempête: quelle belle surprise, elle a découvert que trois faons lui rendaient visite
Une fois, c’était une journée froide et sombre, quand une femme, nommée Amsoclie, était dehors. À proximité de sa maison, il y avait une forêt profonde, alors elle
The cat escaped and returned as a debtor because now he must return three mackerels
Pets are indispensable sources of great stories. The participant in this story was a cat from Thailand. Once he ran away from home but then he returned. His
Rescued dog didn’t want to get separated from the news reporter – the man adopted him
They say that it is the home pets that find their owners and not the other way around. One day a news reporter came to an animal shelter
This dog spent 4 years locked up in a kennel because people thought she was ‘naughty’
Poor Rose was locked up for 4 years because people thought she was a “bad” dog. But now her life has changed. Rose is a female dog who
The veterinarian offered to euthanize this man’s service dog and he decided to give joy to all retired dogs.
All living beings deserve to be treated well, especially when they become old. But the service dogs that keep order and protect people should be taken special care
The lion cub played and bit his father by the tail. The father wanted to teach his son manners, but then the lioness intervened.
Animals, in addition to being very beautiful, are also incredibly funny creatures. And often, watching them, you can see that they really are no different from us —
Shelter dog cries when he recognizes the man standing in front of him.
Animals are open, they are alien to hidden motives. They respond to goodness with loyalty, and to evil with alienation. And only in special cases this axiom fails.
This poodle spent her whole life in a cage in the basement and sees sunlight for the first time.
Human cruelty sometimes becomes senseless and merciless. It usually manifests itself to those who are weaker, including unfortunate animals. And so it happened with our today’s hero, a
This elderly female bear, a mother of 17, gave birth to 4 healthy cubs.
The famous Bear-399 has lived her whole life in the Grand Teton Conservation Area. She is 24 years old and at the beginning of last year she confirmed
A touching scene. Trembling with fear, the deer went out into the road to rescue her baby that was stuck in the middle of the road.
Maternal instinct is one of the strongest and most sublime feelings. It is also very developed in the animal world. Often, we consider animals less intelligent and appear
She went to the market and bought the most ordinary cat, but he grew up far from so ordinary
The girl went to the market to buy a cat and got the cutest and most adorable-looking little kitten. But after a while, he became quite unusual. Masha
The dog got into the shelter more than ten times and the employees realized that they could not part with him
For the first time, the adorable little white dog Gumby came to the shelter seven years ago and no one even thought that the dog would constantly refuse
«Dad is hitting her»: a box with a note was thrown to the shelter, from which tears welling up
This incredibly touching story took place in one of the Mexican shelters. Once the workers found a box at the threshold, in which a dog was sitting with