The brave doggo rescued an orphan baby fox, soon the cub was warmly welcomed by her new family
All animals are lovely, innocent creatures in the world. They are lovely cute creatures, which can make close friends with representatives of other species. It’s due to emotions
A kindhearted police officer gained respect on the Internet after rescuing cute squirrel cubs: they’re just adorable
Once, this caring police officer recently spotted a roadside scene as he drove through a long-lasting traffic jam on the street. Our kind hero, named Andre LaVote noticed
These kindhearted cops rescued 2 frozen Pit bulls and refused to leave them alone until the volunteers arrived
Once, driving home in severe cold weather at 5.00 in the morning Patrick Hennessy dreamed of one thing. He only wished to get home and warm up as
Dramatic mother doggy rejoined with her nine hijacked babies, after they were taken to the shelter
This is a touching story about a mother dog, who lost her nine puppies. Human cruelty has no limits. Some people are able to do anything, which will
The poor street dog jumped into the open car door out of hunger and desperation
One day, a resident of the US state of Arkansas named Bill was driving home from fishing. He parked his car in front of a motel to take
The most faithful Mastiff rejected to leave his beloved friend alone, when he was in punishment
Timing out may be the worst punishment for children. It even may affect the whole future of somebody. Yet, there is no other kind of punishment, which can
Cleaver doggy walked to Texas Police Department to inform the reception about his missing
It is not a secret, that in case of someone is lost he/she gets the nearest police department to inform about the case and expect some help. Once,
Kind fisherman saved an Alabai dog from the swam, who could not even howl
This touching story happened in a small village Moskovskaya. Once, a local fisherman, named Ilya Sadovnichy went for fishing. The morning was not productive for the young fisherman,
Brave doggy rescued the five orphaned kittens and took care of them, founding them from the street in a cold night
There are many stories about the brave and heroic gestures of cleverest and loyalest pets. So, this is another evidence, that the dogs are the best loving and
Two little kittens had a sick sister to look after but then they met a real mother
A woman named Megan Sorbar once came across 3 tiny kittens. They clung to one another and cried pitifully. The woman decided to find their mother, but there
Domestic fox that eats from a tray and goes for walks at night with her owner
Everyone is aware of what kind of pets it is customary to have at home in city conditions. Basically, the list is limited to dogs, cats, hamsters and
Thank you, Hurley!… Pitbull jumped off the leash and dived into the bushes, and a moment later a child screamed
Among all dog breeds, there are those that are more likely than others to face prejudice and wasted labels. These are pit bulls. We have more than once
Guy gave his t-shirt to the freezing dog laying on the metro station
Every day you can choose to be kind and caring. It’s an opportunity given to us to do good things around especially to animals that are weaker than
Woman rescued an orphaned deer, and her German Shepherd took care of him
We all know that the German Shepherd is a devoted, determined watchdog that is ready to sacrifice itself for the sake of its owner. At first glance, Sarge
Orphaned manatee calf gets rescued after the wildlife staff found it on the shore
Manatees are peaceful and calm creatures that inhabit the areas of seashores. It’s actually unsafe for them to live next to humans because of boating collisions or intentional