Young man found a mother dog with her puppies in the mountains that needed help
Tom spends a lot of time in nature, away from the bustle of the city. He prefers resting in wild places to other types of relaxation. The young
When you are a farmer and you find that the hen was not hatching eggs at all
“Parents–not those who gave birth, but those who raised and brought up, right?” Controversial statement. Especially in the case on the farm of a farmer from Kurdistan Goran
Man found a litter of muddy creatures that turned out to be puppies
On that sunny morning, a resident of Thailand, Shurachet, was going to his workplace as usual. His road passed near the new construction site, from where low, sad
Dog faints from ‘over-excited joy’ when reunited with owner after more than two years
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Giant Labrador saves a tiny and weak kitten that seemed to be breathless
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His name is Hulk: a unique German Shepherd puppy was born in the USA
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Little husky puppy made a scandal and demanded freedom in his new house
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Bulldog looks out into the street through a hole in the fence – owners figured out how to make everyone laugh
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Veterinarians started operating on the turtle and couldn’t believe their eyes
This huge turtle, which lives in one of the zoos in Thailand, after the operation she carried out, received a new nickname. Now the 25-year-old reptile is called
Fluffy mother panda Huan Huan gives birth to bright pink and plump, healthy twin cubs
In zoos, the most exciting thing can be the news of the population increase of animals. But if the newborn is a panda and in this case two,
Biker gang destroys dog fight rings, rescues animals and saves pets from cruel owners
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Three adorable deer were found in the house seeking a shelter during a stormy day
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Mother elephant meets her daughter and grandchildren after 12 years of separation
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Tourists in Patagonia capture incredible view of a wild puma seeking refuge on an iceberg
Tourists were enjoying Patagonia’s beautiful landscape from a boat when they suddenly saw a puma laying on an iceberg. The sight was so exceptional that everybody started filming
Firefighters carry husky dog from 15th floor of the building to rescue him from fire
The job of a firefighter is not the easiest. We appreciate them for all the risks they take to save human lives. In fact, they have the same