«Will you come to live with me?» the girl asked a dog who tried to sleep outside in the pouring rain.
Maria Stepanova was walking home,dreaming of getting warm as soon as possible and hiding from the pouring rain.And then she noticed that there was a dog lying outside,curled
Bullmastiff was the first who know that the hostess is pregnant! When the baby was born,the dog gave him the most valuable…
Every dog knows how a dog can do it.Paws and teeth are a powerful tool in the fight against furniture,TV remote control or new Italian shoes.But we are
Puer was waiting…The mistess was driving to someone else’s village at night to make him happy!
Sophia never had a dog,although she dreamed of it all her life.About seven years ago,Sophia picked up a homeless kitten at the entrance.She didn’t even think about the
Where’s the cat?Look what these cats are doing with dogs…
We are already used to the fact that cats and dogs often don’t get along.Nevertheless,friendship between these pets is very possible… Our today’s selection of photos is dedicated
Surprise from a forest guest: a squirrel came to people and surprised them with her behavior!
  This charming squirrel was pulled out of the clutches of the predactor,and she stayed with her family.But ot for long:baby Bela had to go to the forest
Broken heart:the dog Hunter was betrayed by the owners,but he thought he would never be abandoned…
Until recently,a black and white dog Hunter with an expressive look had a house and owners,thinking that it would always be like this… But the unexpected happened,the owners
The crew of the sinking ship,saving their lives,threw cats on board.And the cats survived!
    On March 2,2021,at a distance of thirteen kilometers from the shore of Koh Adang Island in the Andaman Sea,the ship caught fire and sank!The Phamonsin Nava
The girl fought for a puppy who was poorly fed and hardly walked by negligent owners!
    Another little puppy almost fell victim to human cruelty.Fortunately,he was saved by a kind girl named Victoria Kalashnikova. The pet was weak and very dirty.The girl
The guy opened the door and laughed:his dog was sitting in front of it,holding a towel in his mouth
    Does your dog «fly» into a house with dirty paws after a walk?Then you definitely need to teach him good manners!Just like a hero of this
The shepherd causes tenderness with its puppy size!
    This pretty dog attracts attention with its charming appearence.It’s small,fluffy and funny.Everyone who sees him certainly blurs in a smile and says,»What a cute puppy!» All
The two-month-old puppy cried under the bench in the cold,dreaming of warmth and love!
    At first,Tatyana thought she heard a barely perceptible squeak.But then the sound came back!The girl who went for a walk with her family immediately became alert.People
There was little time left!The guy drove 2,800 miles to save the pit bull!
  Mario Rodriguez loves piy bulls! It was because of his love for the pit bulls that he,hearding one touching story from his wife,left everything to save the
Orphan Jilly
    The tiny kitten had to face human cruelty and meanness almost from the very birth:they decided to get rid of the five-week-old cat by simply throwing
Chloe’s nannies
    15 months ago,the long-awaited daughter was born in the family of Chris Cardinal and his wife.The girl grew up smart and active,especially since she had 2
Do cats freeze in winter? Can the cold hurt them?
How cold it’s for cats in winter? Is their fur coat warm enough? And what will feel they if they go out for a walk in the winter?