Cave explorers find a dog fallen in 30-foot pit for almost 2 weeks, rappel down to save his life

Sometimes dogs can make us worry by their disappearance. You never know where your dog can go or what may happen to it.

So losing a dog, is sorrowful and heartbreaking.

Like a dog that was found trapped into a 30-foot down pit. He was accidentally found by a group of cave explorers that were passing by the deep cave.

They didn’t expect to see a dog in a very deep cave. Probably, the poor creature accidentally fell into the pit.

Judging by his appearance, the dog stayed helpless for almost 2 weeks. He was thin and weak. He probably stayed alive thanks to the turtle shell in the cave that was constantly filling with rainwater.

Luckily, his nightmares were finished. Passersby helped the dog to come out of the pit and fed him.

Then, they took the starved dog to a vet clinic. After some examinations the dog that received the name Dewey was fine.

On September 6 the animal control announced that they found a dog. The next day Hawkeye (dog’s actual name) reunited with his family.

When the pup saw his owner, he starts waggling his tail out of joy.

Finally, Hawkeye reunited with his family.

Thanks to the cave explorers and all the people included in the operation of saving this adorable pup.

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