Charismatic doggie Marnie has stolen the hearts of many social media users

There are pets that become real stars all over the world. This can happen due to enterprising owners, some peculiarities of the animal in terms of health, behavior, or other similar moments.

For example, as in the case of the dog named Marnie. Not so long ago, he literally blew up the Internet with his uniqueness! And yes, you can rest assured that there really is no dog in the world that can compete with Marnie in many aspects.

It is worth saying that life was extremely cruel in relation to this handsome pup. Marnie has a vestibular disease.

Because of this, the dog has problems with vision and hearing, as well as the animal is constantly visible tongue sticking out of the mouth. And, probably, you might think that the pet is clearly not to be envied.

About 6 years ago, the dog was accidentally picked up on the street and sent to an animal shelter. Then the pet was named Stinky, as he really smelled strong.

Of course, the dog was helped at the shelter, and after 4 months he was adopted by a woman named Shirley Braha. Then she decided to call the dog a normal name, the choice fell on Marnie.

It is worth saying that when the pet was already 11 years old, the doctors said that it was unlikely to last at least another year. Then Shirley decided to at least brighten up all the time that was allotted in our world to her new friend.

It’s just not so long ago that Marnie celebrated his 17th birthday.

Now this dog has 2,000,000 followers on Instagram, which makes Marnie the real star of the Internet.

We hope that the dog will have many more positive moments in life. After all, the main thing has already happened – the dog has a really loving owner who will definitely not allow him to be harmed! It remains to wish as much health as possible!

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