Cheerleader cat that screams: “Goal!” scored thousands of views on the Internet

One man from Venezuela is so fond of football that his passion was passed on to his cat. Once they watched another game with the owner’s favorite team.

And when the players scored the long-awaited ball into the goal, the owner shouted in joy: “Goal!”

It’s actually not the first time when animals immitate people, especially monkeys and parrots. But this time it was a cute cat – a football fan that was shouting ”Goal.”

For a moment you might think that this absolutely smart kitty has learned the human language. The animal clearly articulates the expression. He is as excited as his owner.

And then his cat shouted the same thing. To check if it seemed to him, the man shouted again: “Goal! Goal!”. And the cat did it again.

Realizing that no one would just believe him, the owner decided to record video evidence. He shouted “Goal” several times and filmed how his beloved pet did the same. Now no one will have the slightest doubt about the unique skill of this cat.

We invite you to watch such an unusual episode with your own eyes! Don’t miss the opportunity to see a cat that gradually learns human language.

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