Chinese Miracle – panda puppies that are completely similar to original panda bears

It used to be that the dragon was traditionally considered a symbol of China. Now this country is more and more associated with the panda.

These animals are so much loved all over the world that many people go to special reserves in China to meet them. There are different cartoons and movies with the character of the panda.

Who can hate these peaceful fluffy balls of cuteness? They are calm, clumsy and smart.

There is good news for all the panda lovers!

Look, even in one of the villages of Jiangsu province, a dog gave birth to puppies, which are just like a panda in color!

A symbolic and somewhat curious sign of fate, not otherwise.

Moreover, the puppies’ dad was a Pekingese, and the color was traditional.

Yes, and the mother of the breed is “Chinese peasant”, that is, a mongrel in our opinion. And where did such phenomena come from

Even scientists are racking their brains because the white hair of three out of six puppies (just those that look like pandas) is not the result of vitiligo and not dyeing it by people, everything is fair!

Look at them and continue admiring the most panda-like puppies in the entire world!

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