Chloe’s nannies



15 months ago,the long-awaited daughter was born in the family of Chris Cardinal and his wife.The girl grew up smart and active,especially since she had 2 wonderful nannies — golden retrievers Blue and Colby.The parents considered pets to be excellent companions for the child until one day they saw how dogs dragged an innocent child into a real crime…

And it all started with ordinary kitchen gatherings.Two fluffy noses quickly realized that Chloe’s hands were much more generous than her parents’ stingy hands.Therefore.their favorite resting place was a place on the floor right under the girl’s chair!



No matter what Chloe ate,there were far more crumbs on the laminate than food in a small stomach.Cunning retrievers instantly eliminated this disgrace,which pleased all three parties.

But soon Chris and his wife were stuck by an incident that happened one early morning!
After the night,as usual,they went to their daughter’s room,but they didn’t find Chloe in the room!The girl herself could not open the door…So where did she disappear to?
The parents began to look for their daughter and found her sitting in the hallway in the company of a very pleased Blue and Colby.



Fortunately,everything was fine with the child,but the parents were tormented by the question of how the baby managed to get out of the room,despite the closed door! Everything was clear!
The 2 conspirators decided instaed of sitting under the adult bedroom door,they would rather try to use their ypung friend.They opened the door,standing on their hind legs,and…
«Climb!Quick,quick…We want to have breakfast! The kitchen is there…The food! Food! FOOD! -running around the baby,the dogs signal with their whole body.And the girl,apparently,understood them perfectly.)

The most important thing in this story is that this little man grows up in love and hormony with animals,which means that his heart will always be kind and sympathetic!

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