Cleaver doggy walked to Texas Police Department to inform the reception about his missing

It is not a secret, that in case of someone is lost he/she gets the nearest police department to inform about the case and expect some help.

Once, a smart dog, names Chico did just the same, when he felt, that he lost his owner.

He walked immediately to a local police station. It may be seemed silly, but the cleaver doggy really did it.

The case happened at the Odessa Police Station in Texas on February 11.

The policemen guested the unexpected visitor in early morning. The mannerly guy entered the police station and did a gesture, hoping to be noticed.

He placed his paws carefully on the front desk to make the reception officer inspect his case. His aim was the following; to report himself as missing from his owner.

One of the officers said, that day he welcomed the polite dog. The doggy seemed very calm, as if he knew exactly what he did.

The officers liked him at first sight. They were surprised and happy to receive such a visitor at the station. They played with the smart boy, and gave him lots of attention.

After enjoying Chico the staff had to return him to home.

As his rightful owner lived a mile away from the station, he was found and called there easily.

Then, his owner told them, that after Chico’s adventurous day, he was safe and sound, even more joyful and energized.

The dog was happy to made new officer friends!

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