Conductor stops the train full of people and saves a turtle stuck on the train tracks.

It happens that animals get themselves stuck in dangerous places.In those cases,they need us to help them move to safer places.

It’s a very respectful thing when someone decides to help an animal in need.
Son in this story,a train conductor stopped the vehicle to save a turtle stuck on the tracks.He just came out of the train,crossed the tracks,took the turtle and put it over the other side of the fence,so the animal wouldn’t pass away by another train.

Later Serhat said that the turtle got happy and rapidly walked away.He thinks that saving the turtle was the right thing to do.Of course,passengers may not understand you.
After the rescue,Serhat explained to his passengers why the train was stopped.Everybody was glad that a life was saved.
Serhat says all of the living things are our friends.It’s not just a kind step saving them,it’s our responsibility!

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