Corgi Gen has little time left, but he is fully enjoying the life with the owners

Gen is a dog that tries to enjoy life as much as possible. And here it does not matter whether we are talking about interaction with the owners or with strangers.

In general, Gen is the embodiment of activity and fun.

Often, due to his hyperactivity, he gets into unpredictable situations, but this does not bother him at all.

And of course, from the outside, this behavior looks extremely comical, which can be seen on many videos.

On May 5, Gen turned 5 years old, and this is a huge event. The fact is that the puppy has congenital renal failure, but he has very loving owners who do everything for his health.

Nobody knows how long the dog will live. However, his every day is filled with events and positive. Due to his illness, the dog drinks a lot of water and also needs to go to the toilet a lot. He also suffers from high blood pressure and has seizures.

No one can know for sure what part of his moves is a game and what is real pain. However, with the help of a special diet and dialysis, Gen manages to feel good.

He enjoys spending all his time on pranks.

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