Couple tried to find a home for the kitten, but their puppy hugged her and did not let go

A couple tried to find a home for the adopted kitten, but their puppy hugged her and did not let go.

Kitten Lilya was only three months old when she, along with her brothers and sisters, came to overexposure in Los Angeles. Lorraine and her boyfriend adopted the kittens with the intention of placing them in good hands later on.

They took them out and raised them into happy, playful babies. When the time came, Lilya’s siblings quickly found good homes for themselves. Lilya was still waiting for her ideal family…

When she was five months old, the couple brought home a new family member, Koda the puppy, that was about the size of the kitten.

“There really was a connection between them. They fell in love and she cried if he left her (to use the bathroom).” The two friends followed each other around the house. They did everything together and were completely inseparable.

Lilya took on the role of Koda’s older sister and personal hygienist, washing him from head to toe.

“At first, Koda probably thought he was a cat, but he was lucky enough to spend enough time among other German Shepherds so there is no confusion now.”

Watch Lilya and Koda in this cute video:

“We brought Lilya home and she found Koda. It was definitely meant to be, and we can’t imagine our lives without her.”

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