Devoted friend: the dog swam to the shore for 11 hours and saved his owner

This incident took place in Australia. One fisherman saw a shepherd dog struggling to swim to the shore. A tackle box floated on the water near the dog, and a wetsuit floated in the distance.

The man helped the dog get to the shore, called the coast guard for help.

It became clear that the boat had capsized. A rescue team arrived at the scene. The dog was brought to the shore, all this time he whined plaintively and tried to enter the water. The search lasted several hours, as a result, a man was rescued.

Thanks to the barks of the german shepherd, his owner got saved. What a miracle!

The man said that everything happened because of the loss of control of the boat. As a result of a sharp movement, he and the dog were thrown in different directions.

The most amazing thing was that the dog was able to stay on the water for so long in an attempt to find help for his person.

The man hoped that everything would be fine with the animal. According to rescue reports, it was found that the dog swam for 11 hours to help the owner.

Love and value your dog. These creatures are created to be our defenders and angels.

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