Do cats freeze in winter? Can the cold hurt them?

How cold it’s for cats in winter? Is their fur coat warm enough? And what will feel they if they go out for a walk in the winter? Let’s find out it today!

Do cats freeze in winter?

Cat owners should know a very important thing: as MURlyk has an elevated body temperature(usually 38,5C),they are much comfortable in cold weather than in hot weather.In any case,pets endure frosts better than humans.

If your cat lives in a private house and often goes outside to walk,then you don’t need to worry about her.The animal will stay in the cold for exactly as long as it needs,and then,will simply return home.It is very important that there is always a warm place in the house,where MURlyka could warm up.It can be a warm battery,a fireplace or just a favorite chair.

Can snow harm cats?

If a cat likes to play in the snow,always take care of her paw pads when it comes home.This is a very sensitive place on the body of the animal,which can suffer if you have to walk for a long time in the snow.

When the pet walks up and comes home,dry his paws with a soft cloth and wash with warm water,apply a special product for paws,which you can find at any pet store.

If the per began to cough,then it could well catch a cold.To find out it,you need to take her to the vet.
If your purr lives at home and spends most of the day at home,occasionally going outside,make sure that its diet contains enough protein found in fish and meet.Since heaters dry out the air,make sure that the water in the fluffy bowl does not run out.

It can be concluded that a domestic cat will not be harmed by the cold if it sometimes walks on the street.But just make sure that the cat doesn’t freeze and always immediatly let her into the house when it returns from a walk.

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