Dog accompanied each of her babies out of bushes and started trusting people

A homeless pit bulldog named Rainbow doesn’t like people much. She has been living on the street for a long time. However, she also found herself in a difficult situation when a rainstorm passed through California.

As a result, the dog hid her tiny babies in the bushes, but there were no guarantees for their survival. And then the dog decided to turn to people for help.

The mother dog has long been noticed by people. And they even often tried to feed her. However, she did not give up.

When a thunderstorm began, the rescuers could not find the pitbull’s puppies for a long time. And the bad weather at this time became stronger and stronger.

When they were finally found, now it was necessary to somehow inspire confidence in the dog so that it would not run away and also give puppies.

Soon the rescuers managed to lure the dog.

As a result of the rescue operation, all the puppies and the dog itself were saved. We must say that this incident changed her character, and now she no longer runs from people.

You can watch the touching video of the incredible rescue operation in the video below.

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