Dog became a foster mother for orphaned kittens after losing her own pups

This amazing story took place in India on the territory of one of the local farms. Farmer Subramani had a Doberman cat and dog that were pregnant.

But fate turned out to be too cruel in relation to these unfortunate animals. The dog gave birth to dead puppies, and the cat died during childbirth.

But without this tragedy, the miracle that the farmer Subramani saw would not have happened. It turned out that the dog adopted the orphaned kittens, becoming a real mother for them.

The dog took care of the kittens as if they were her own children, warmed and protected them in every possible way. The brave mother did not even allow the owner to approach the orphaned newborns.

However, everything was in vain that the kittens would not survive – the dog managed to raise the kittens.

When they got stronger, the dog continued to look after them, although not as carefully as before. Judging by the current behavior of the kittens, they actually consider this dog to be their mother.

Indeed, it’s a tragedy losing a parent even for animals but finding a caretaker from another animal species is a miracle. Let’s be thankful for everything we have.

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