Dog constantly came home to a woman and just slept and one day this note was attached to his collar

One day, returning home, a woman found a retriever. The dog was well-groomed, did not starve and had a collar, apparently, it had owners.

When the woman entered the house, the dog followed her and simply lay down on the rug by the door and fell fast asleep. And when he woke up, he just quietly left.

The next day the woman was waiting for the same picture, everything was exactly the same, and after sleeping again, the dog left.

And so it went on for several weeks. When you find out the reason for this strange behavior of the dog, you will be delighted.

“He started to visit my house. Looking at him, it became clear that he had a family, because he was well-groomed and well-fed ”.

“I stroked him and he followed me into the house, laid down on the rug and fell fast asleep. And having slept, he went to the door and I let him out. ”

“The next day he came back again, greeted me, and entered the house and fell asleep again on the rug. This went on for several weeks. ”

“This situation interested me, and I decided to find out why this is happening and who are the owners of this dog. I decided to write a note and pin it to the collar.

Here’s what I wrote:

“I would like to know who is the owner of this beautiful dog and ask if you know that your dog comes to my house every day, sleeps for several hours and leaves?”

“The next day, the dog came back and there was a note on his collar with the answer:

“You see, he lives in a house with 6 children. The youngest are not even three years old. He just really wants to sleep.

And if you don’t mind, can I come with him tomorrow? “

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